Scientist - Singer - Songwriter


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Louise Alexandra (fka Van Aarsen) Koopman, holds a PhD in cancer Biology and spends much of her days researching & developing novel cancer immunotherapies, but is equally passionate about music and singing.

While living and working in Boston for 15 years, Louise's musical 'side-career' took off under the wings of the late and great jazz vocalist and mentor Rebecca Parris, who embraced Louise as her musical protegee. 

Besides interpreting the great american jazz standards, Louise started writing her own songs; poignant stories and catchy compositions with a unique ‘jazz standard-esque’ flavor in a mix of latin, pop, and singer/songwriter fusion. The result: "DESTINY", an impressive debut album recorded with some of Boston’s finest jazz musicians at PBS Studios. Rebecca Parris directed and produced Destiny and also directed the recordings of the upcoming album "TODAY", but sadly passed before seeing the second album come to fruition. The dedication is evident.

Having since returned to The Netherlands, where she continues her scientific career, Louise is excited to premiere her next album of original music in 2020. Date TBA.                                                                         



"This jazz newcomer is a breath of fresh air....”

JAZZ is a land of interpreters and only occasionally of singer-songwriters. Yet Louise has arrived on the scene with a whole album of fresh original songs and a unique voice. Her singing is cool yet worldly-wise; her musicianship is so solid that she doesn't have to turn any vocal cartwheels to prove her jazz credibility.


" and very easy on the ear... grown up music...
The band is top notch.. thoughtful arrangements...
Hyper-exact contemporary jazz production."