I am beyond grateful and priviliged to (have) work(ed) with these spectacular musicians!
Both recordings were musically directed by
Rebecca are in everything!  

on DESTINYArnie Krakowsky, Doug Hammer, Paul McWilliams, Peter Kontrimas,
Claudio Ragazzi, Oscar Stagnaro, Russ Hoffmann, Mike Ringquist, Rebecca Parris, 
Jim Lattini, Eugene Friesen, Mike Turk, Ted Davis, Drew Ricciardi, Rika Ikeda, Echae Kang, Maria Kowalski.


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CD 3-D + visible address Susan Wilson co


on TODAY: Mike Turk, Bill Vint, Fernando Huergo, Paul McWilliams, Martin Vazquez, Miriam Waks, Peter Kontrimas, Doug Hammer,

Mae Van Aarsen, Debbie Lane, Sue Sheriff,

Rebecca Parris


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